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Research shows that email marketing is the most effective internet marketing channel for repeat business. Email can be used in over 20 different marketing strategies across the customer lifecycle including:-

  • customer attraction strategies such as prospect list opt-ins, newsletters and prospect surveys
  • customer conversion strategies like seminar inviations and prospect nurturing
  • customer lifetime value strategies such as first order follow up and cross selling
  • customer retention strategies like customer satisfaction surveys
  • customer win-back strategies

Let our comprehensive Email Campaign Management Service, take care of everything:

  • powerful email strategies that attract prospects, convert prospects to customers and grow customer lifetime value
  • effective email templates that get high delivery rates and look good in the recipients inbox with responsive design to optimise messages on mobile devices like iPads & smart phones
  • compelling email content that gets noticed, opened and clicked
  • high performing landing pages
  • email campaign testing, improving and monitoring to deliver a great return on your investment
  • regular, clear and concise email campaign performance reviews that identify what's working and what isn't

Our Professional email systems, ensure you get great business results and outstanding value

Key benefits:-

  • make every penny count with very high delivery rates
  • easily identify hot leads for targeted follow up
  • discover what's working (and what isn't) with real-time powerful tracking and reporting
  • turbocharge business performance and marketing return on investment (ROI) with great features including personalisation, segmentation and dynamic content to make the emails as relevant as possible to individuals

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From just £375 per campaign, our Email easy start-up package includes:

  • adding your branding to a library template
  • uploading your customer and prospect data
  • creating address books
  • setting up the creative based on content provided
  • testing the email
  • sending the campaign (up to 3,000 emails included in campaign fee)
  • emailing a performance summary

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