Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to attract web leads

Right now, there could be a prospect that needs your products or services but may not be aware of your company. For you to find them can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Brand New Way Google Partner badgeMake it easy for them to find you with Google PPC advertising from a Google Certified Partner. Google is the number one search engine and I have used Google Adwords since 2003 as a cost-effective way to help clients attract web leads.

Why is PPC so effective?:

  • it is targeted - you only advertise to people currently interested in what you are selling
  • it is cost-effective - you only pay when they respond (i.e. click through to your website) and pricing is determined by a real-time auction in a perfect market
  • it is fast - it is possible to get traffic immediately
  • you get more control - e.g. choose: how much you want to pay for a click; your daily budget; which keywords you are interested in; what time of day your ads are shown; which parts of the country / world they appear
  • you get great performance analysis helping to improve internet marketing return on investment and business performance

With our comprehensive PPC Campaign Management Service, we take care of everything, including:

  • developing relevant keywords likely to be searched by your target audience
  • deciding how much to bid for a click for each keyword (i.e. attracting a lead to your website)
  • writing compelling ad copy given the constraint of the amount of text allowed by Google
  • choosing relevant landing pages to convert web visitors to leads or customers
  • testing, tweaking and monitoring campaigns to deliver a great return on your investment
  • presenting regular campaign performance reviews with recommendations for improvement

In addition to attracting valuable customers, PPC can be a great research tool to identify:

  • which keywords work best for SEO
  • which ad copy is most compelling for use in other marketing materials
  • whether there is a demand for a new product or service
  • which product name is most attractive to prospects

Our Pay Per Click Campaign Review Service is designed for companies who may have already set up PPC campaigns or may have an in-house resource but need more help to get better Pay Per Click results.

We review your existing campaigns and will show you how to improve PPC performance. These improvements could cover:

  • the keywords used
  • how much to bid for each keyword
  • ad copy
  • landing page strategy

With our Pay Per Click Start-up Service, we will develop a brand new PPC campaign for you to quickly attract target leads to your website, leaving you to focus on your business without the distraction of trying to learn a new skill.

Importantly, it will help you avoid costly mistakes that novices frequently make when trying to learn how to develop and implement new Pay Per Click campaigns.

Once the new campaign is under way, we can either:

  • train you to manage the campaign in-house or
  • we can transfer the campaign to our fully managed service

You choose which PPC service works best for you.

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"In the first 3 months, we received 6 enquiries that have led to quotations in excess of £750,000 and a 1st order from a new client worth £158,000. The profit from this first job alone will cover our first year (PPC) fees by a factor of 10."

John Cook
MD, Concept4

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He is always great to work with, blending his vast experience and knowledge with a strong dose of pragmatism."

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His input has been fundamental to the continuing, successful development of our online retail offering."

Simon Hardy
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