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Are you really my friend?

Advanced email marketing enables personalisation which should lead to greater engagement. Not everyone gets it right!

UK businesses plan for international online sales this Christmas

New survey shows UK businesses are forecasting extra online sales due to exports.

Coopers timely email blows the competition away

Coopers timely email shows how smart email marketing can quickly respond to changing market (& weather) conditions to increase sales.

Pay Per Click and email marketing major drivers of online buying

Forrester report looks at the influence of digital marketing on online purchase behaviour

Must every email reference Halloween this week?

Generally, it's a good idea to make use of events and themes such as Halloween to help make marketing as relevant as possible. As always there are exceptions...

Improve email performance with resends.

Discover how resending emails to non-openers can significantly improve email performance.

Get repeat sales with PPC remarketing

PPC remarketing is a great way to reach customers and improve repeat sales.

Peter Hawtin to present email marketing paper at Bristol B2B event

Peter Hawtin to present 'Effective email marketing that attracts and keeps valuable customers' at B2B marketing event on 20 March 2012

Have you set permission standards for your email marketing?

Permission is key to maximising email delivery, building trust (with prospects and customers) and increasing marketing ROI. Here is a 2 step plan to help set email permission standards.

SEO & email marketing lead the way for internet marketing ROI

This year's email census by Econsultancy rates internet marketing channels in term of return on investment.

Email marketing tips - use split testing to improve performance

With the right email system, it's possible to carry out split tests to find out what works and what doesn't

Brand New Way launches new Professional email marketing system

Peter Hawtin announces the launch of the Brand New Way Professional email marketing system.

Email marketing tips - email navigation bar

Another way to encourage more clicks from your email campaign

Email marketing tips - 'from name'

How the 'from name' can improve your email open rates.

Thanks to 14 year old, VA Shiva Ayyaduyrai, email is now 29 years old

How a 14 year old started to develop email back in 1978 and received the first US copyright on August 30, 1982

Interflora email uses video to bring premium product to life

As Interflora's headline says sometimes '...words are not enough'.

How often should Halfords send emails to prospects and customers?

Should companies send out emails daily, weekly or monthly?

What's the focus for improving email marketing effectiveness in 2011?

New research highlights the key areas of focus for email marketing in 2011

First Direct email marketing shows room for improvement

As a customer, I think First Direct is great but this example of First Direct email marketing is very disappointing.

How to choose web marketing activities that maximise customer lifetime value

Which web marketing activity maximises customer lifetime value: Google Adwords or blogs or social marketing or email marketing?

Is your email marketing making the most of social media?

Recent research shows that including social media links on emails delivers 5 times more forwards than just using a 'forward to a friend' link

Coming soon to your inbox - expiring emails

Expiring emails was a new initiative presented at the 2011 Email Evolution Conference.

78% of companies to target email campaigns to drive lead development in 2011

According to new research, companies are moving to email marketing to drive business growth.

Up Your Street's email marketing is beginning to irritate me

Helpful hint: just because you have an email address, doesn't give you the right to send irrelevant messages to your prospects and customers. Take a look at this example from Up My Street

Email marketing's No 1 challenge - Targeting recipients with relevant content

The latest marketing research shows targeting email recipients with relevant content is the No 1 challenge for email marketers. Discover how to ensure your emails are relevant.

Does your email marketing damage your business?

Senior marketers say that email marketing returns the best ROI. But it is possible that email marketing could damage your business?

Halfords show how timely emails get results

Unlike most traditional marketing channels, email marketing enables companies to rapidly distribute timely sales messages

Is your digital marketing ready for Christmas? - Egg case study

For many companies especially retailers, Christmas is a key sales period. What are you doing to promote your business? Discover how Egg made the most of Christmas with this innovative case study.

Which 3 digital media channels deliver the best ROI?

With so many choices available, how does social media measure up for marketing return on investment?

Email marketing delivers best ROI

The DMA economic impact survey shows email marketing delivers the best ROI

Does your digital marketing effectively engage your target audiences?

Are you wasting time and money by reaching the wrong audience with the wrong message at the wrong time. This is especially likely when a brand has more than 1 target audience. In this case study, discover how Asda ensured its message was as effective as possible with useful learning for companies big and small.

Case study: Does your email look good in the recipients in-box?

So you've developed a stunning email and pressed send. With so many email programmes / versions out there, are you sure the email still looks good when it arrives at the other end? Look at this poor example from MotoGP?

Which digital channel are you best able to track real time performance?

Internet marketing channels can provide companies with excellent real time analytics compared with traditional marketing. Discover which digital channel senior marketers report they are best able to track in real time.

Timely emails improve open rates

Shortly after the Chancellor completed his budget announcement, The Times sent out an email with the subject line 'Peter, your budget questions answered'.

Halfords email shows the power of good timing

Relevance is a key component of successful marketing. One aspect of relevance is timing and just prior to an expected cold snap, this email from Halfords shows how email marketing can be used to quickly communicate a timely message.

Which web marketing performs best: email or social media like Twitter?

No business has enough resource to do every web marketing initiative available. In 2 recent surveys, senior marketers reveal which web marketing media is most effective and works best.

Email and a second bite at the cherry

Even the best email marketing campaigns do not achieve a 100% open rate. It may be that recipients were on holiday. Discover how to improve email open rates.

Lloyds TSB demonstrate how sloppy database management could create a brand terrorist

Mistakes can happen in any business. It's how you deal with the mistake that is crucial and separates great businesses from the rest.

Is your email marketing getting through? Part 2 - InBox Preview

You may prepare a great looking email but that's no guarantee it will not look a complete mess when it arrives at the other end! Find out how to improve email performance.

Is your email marketing getting through? Part 1 - hard bounces

Just because you press 'send' doesn't mean that your emails get delivered. How to minimise hard bounces.

Improve web marketing ROI using email marketing

Powerful email marketing can convert prospects to valuable customers and grow customer lifetime value.

How do you know if your customers are still your customers?

It's a simple question but most companies struggle to answer it well. The answer has a major impact on whether a business can grow customer lifetime value and deliver a strong web marketing ROI.