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SEO & email marketing lead the way for internet marketing ROI

This year's email census by Econsultancy rates internet marketing channels in term of return on investment.

How to choose web marketing activities that maximise customer lifetime value

Which web marketing activity maximises customer lifetime value: Google Adwords or blogs or social marketing or email marketing?

What is the value of a link to your website?

Inbound links to your website boost Google rankings and deliver leads. How much is a link to your website worth?

New research shows users rely on different tools to find web sites

How do users find your website? A recent research report highlights the mix of web tools and methods used to find a website. Identify key learning for companies big & small.

Which 3 digital media channels deliver the best ROI?

With so many choices available, how does social media measure up for marketing return on investment?

Does your digital marketing effectively engage your target audiences?

Are you wasting time and money by reaching the wrong audience with the wrong message at the wrong time. This is especially likely when a brand has more than 1 target audience. In this case study, discover how Asda ensured its message was as effective as possible with useful learning for companies big and small.

Is your website speed damaging your Google ranking?

Google recently announced that site speed is now one of the factors that determines web page rankings

Which digital channel are you best able to track real time performance?

Internet marketing channels can provide companies with excellent real time analytics compared with traditional marketing. Discover which digital channel senior marketers report they are best able to track in real time.

When did you last analyse your website content?

Too many people launch a website and move on to other marketing activities. Is your web content working as hard as it could be?

Has Google's new Buzz social marketing service caused it to lose brand brownie points?

Outstanding brands build 'goodwill brownie points' with their customers. Google's new service Buzz has received some negative reaction but how will this impact the brand?

So why haven't you done SEO yet?

A good Google search engine ranking is a critical success factor for most sites. So why hasn't every websites been optimised? What's your reason?

Which web marketing performs best: email or social media like Twitter?

No business has enough resource to do every web marketing initiative available. In 2 recent surveys, senior marketers reveal which web marketing media is most effective and works best.

The power of joined-up marketing and high Google search rankings

See how it is possible to achieve to achieve a rapid improvement in Google rankings when adopting a joined-up marketing approach.

UK companies see improvement in paid search ROI

Econsultancy recently reported that 43% of companies said paid search ROI increased this year.

Are you choosing the right KeyWords to attract web leads?

Given Google's dominance, a high ranking is crucial for business success. The first step in attracting 'zero cost' leads is to choose the right KeyWords.

Does search play a big enough role in your web marketing strategy?

The UK has the highest number of internet searches in Europe. Does your web marketing strategy take into account this high demand?