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Internet advertising forecast to grow 15% in 2015

The latest figures from Advertising Association/Warc for the second quarter of 2014 show internet ad spend continues to grow significantly.

SEO & email marketing lead the way for internet marketing ROI

This year's email census by Econsultancy rates internet marketing channels in term of return on investment.

10 top uses for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to help discover what's working and what isn't

How often should Halfords send emails to prospects and customers?

Should companies send out emails daily, weekly or monthly?

What's the focus for improving email marketing effectiveness in 2011?

New research highlights the key areas of focus for email marketing in 2011

Debenhams iPhone app generates £1M sales

Launched in October, Debenhams iPhone app has been used 90,000 times and generated more than £1M sales.

5 ways to grow customer lifetime value

Too many companies fail to focus on growing customer lifetime value. Here are 5 tips (for companies big and small) to grow customer lifetime value.

Google PPC Can Now Show Ads That Are Most Likely To Convert

Google AdWords helps to optimise PPC performance by allowing users to test different ad versions. Google has just announced a new third ad rotation setting that enables you to optimise for conversions.

What is the value of a link to your website?

Inbound links to your website boost Google rankings and deliver leads. How much is a link to your website worth?

Does your email marketing damage your business?

Senior marketers say that email marketing returns the best ROI. But it is possible that email marketing could damage your business?

Is your digital marketing ready for Christmas? - Egg case study

For many companies especially retailers, Christmas is a key sales period. What are you doing to promote your business? Discover how Egg made the most of Christmas with this innovative case study.

Improve web conversion by tracking web leads who telephone your business

Some web visitors will prefer to telephone the company to ask questions or place an order. It's now possible to track these calls back to the web referral source to find out which web marketing is working best.

Discover how ASDA finds out more about their customers

How do retailers like Asda identify who their customers are, where they live and what makes them tick?

Which 3 digital media channels deliver the best ROI?

With so many choices available, how does social media measure up for marketing return on investment?

Email marketing delivers best ROI

The DMA economic impact survey shows email marketing delivers the best ROI

New survey shows UK Shoppers spending more online

A new survey shows that despite the poor economic climate, online shopping continues to increase with nearly half of UK consumers buying online at least once a week. The survey includes the reasons why people shop online and some of the barriers.

Case study: Does your email look good in the recipients in-box?

So you've developed a stunning email and pressed send. With so many email programmes / versions out there, are you sure the email still looks good when it arrives at the other end? Look at this poor example from MotoGP?

Latest Google results show 15% rise in PPC marketing clicks

Google's 2010 Q1 results continue to show strong growth with sales up 23% year on year.

Which digital channel are you best able to track real time performance?

Internet marketing channels can provide companies with excellent real time analytics compared with traditional marketing. Discover which digital channel senior marketers report they are best able to track in real time.

Timely emails improve open rates

Shortly after the Chancellor completed his budget announcement, The Times sent out an email with the subject line 'Peter, your budget questions answered'.

Latest UK Internet Usage Statistics (Jan 10)

A summary of the latest UK Internet reach / penetration statistics.

How to calculate marketing ROI

A simple example showing how to calculate Marketing ROI

Halfords email shows the power of good timing

Relevance is a key component of successful marketing. One aspect of relevance is timing and just prior to an expected cold snap, this email from Halfords shows how email marketing can be used to quickly communicate a timely message.

Email and a second bite at the cherry

Even the best email marketing campaigns do not achieve a 100% open rate. It may be that recipients were on holiday. Discover how to improve email open rates.

The power of joined-up marketing and high Google search rankings

See how it is possible to achieve to achieve a rapid improvement in Google rankings when adopting a joined-up marketing approach.

UK companies see improvement in paid search ROI

Econsultancy recently reported that 43% of companies said paid search ROI increased this year.

Is your email marketing getting through? Part 2 - InBox Preview

You may prepare a great looking email but that's no guarantee it will not look a complete mess when it arrives at the other end! Find out how to improve email performance.

Is your email marketing getting through? Part 1 - hard bounces

Just because you press 'send' doesn't mean that your emails get delivered. How to minimise hard bounces.

Improve web marketing ROI with web analytics

Web analytics is about measuring how good the website is at converting web visitors to valuable customers and then growing customer lifetime value.

Improve web marketing ROI using email marketing

Powerful email marketing can convert prospects to valuable customers and grow customer lifetime value.

Improve web marketing ROI with Pay Per Click advertising

PPC advertising is a great way to attract target prospects to your website and to increase web marketing ROI. I believe it is the best advertising initiative for 50 years.

Are you getting enough customer complaints?

No companies want complaints but sometimes even the best companies fall short. Discover, how to turn complaints into an asset that helps transform business performance.

Is measuring marketing ROI a key part of your web marketing strategy

Is your website one of the 95% of business websites that fail to deliver? Making the right choices and measuring what's working and what isn't is key.

Does your web marketing treat all customers as equal?

You can't create value without customers but that doesn't mean that all customers are valuable? Discover insider secrets of how Britain's best brands focus their effort on valuable customers.

Do you waste money by not measuring web marketing ROI?

There have never been so many ways to spend money on web marketing. How do you make sure your web marketing is delivering a great marketing return on investment?