Grey & Ryman help companies improve sustainability & cut costs

Smart brand promotion by ad agency Grey & stationery brand Ryman claims to save millions of ink cartridges and 15 million barrels of oil

Grey-Ryman eco fontGrey & Ryman have launched a new free computer font that claims to use 30% less ink than popular fonts like Arial, Verdana, Georgia & Times New Roman. If adopted they claim it could save over 490 million ink cartridges and 15 million barrels of oil.

Taken over a year to develop they describe it as the "world's most beautiful sustainable font'. The characters are made up of fine keylines that use less ink than a single solid stroke.

On the face of it, Ryman will sell less ink cartridges if everyone chooses to use the free font but clearly they are hoping that the new font will create a massive increase in brand awareness and goodwill that will pay off for them in the long term.

How could your company take this idea to improve your sustainability score and promote your business to a wider audience?



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