UK consumers are connected

Recent Google research shows how connected UK consumers are and how they buy products and services

The world has changed

UK consumers:

  • spend more time online than watching TV each day (average 3 hours 41 minutes)
  • are online 110 hours per month
  • 27% of all online sales are made on a mobile device
  • 90% move between devices to achieve a goal

The buying process has changed and people:

  • switch regularly between devices
  • read reviews and research prices
  • start with online search - 40,000 online searches per second in the UK
  • on average use 10 information sources to influence an online decision

The internet is a buying hub

  • 93% of buyers research online before purchasing
  • 41% research & buy on a mobile
  • 51% find out about new products fron online ads
  • 77% look at online reviews before buying
  • 62% of UK population watch YouTube
  • 19% research online, vist a stiore to examine the product and then purchase online
  • 27% of offline purchases begin on a smart phone

Key lessons for companies big and small whether you are selling to consumers or businesses

  • maintain a strong online presence: use a range of Adwords services such as search ads, display ads and YouTube advertising
  • advertise on mobile using mobile specific ads
  • use remarketing to focus your efforts to your website visitors / buyers / non-buyers

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Data source: Google



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